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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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The Present Development of Heavy Industry in China
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The Present Development of Heavy Industry in China

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(October 2011)

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The industrialization in developed countries had a common process, which is light industrialization first (early period), heavy industrialization secondly (middle period), and developed industrialization in the end (upper period). However, because of some reasons, we had a special industrialization strategy, which is heavy industrialization first and light industrialization secondly. Now, we are living in a period of reindustrialization of heavy industry, the most importation sign is the high growth speed of heavy industry in the last 6 years. Upgrade of consumption structure, optimize of light industry, reconstruct of agriculture, strengthen of equipment and manufacture industry, consummate of basic establishment, speedup of urbanization need the development of heavy industry. But, the reindustrialization of heavy industry subject to some conditions, such as the limit of natural resource, environment, lower employment elasticity, the model of growth, technology and system. We must search a new type of industrialization. To advance the reindustrialization of heavy industry soundly and effectually, we should transfer growth model, develop equipment and manufacture industry, make use of the function of market mechanism, technology, industry policy and system innovation, speedup the renew and alteration of technology, make use of energy in efficiency, obtain resource from more channel, invest more in human capital and employee train. Keywords: industrialization; industrialization of heavy industry; reindustrialization of heavy industry; new type of industrialization.

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Challenges to Long-run Economic Growth in China and Europe
Ying Ma, Markus Taube, Dieter Cassel (eds.):
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