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Aspects of the Distribution of Income

"Arbeitskreis politische Ökonomie"

Publikation des Arbeitskreises Politische Ökonomie

467 Seiten ·  39,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-89518-152-8 (Januar 1998 )

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One key economic issue is why average incomes in OECD countries are 55 times higher than those in the world's poorest countries; and, how can we explain that some countries, the East-Asian dragons, in the last quarter century experienced rapid growth, whereas others did not? Recent developments in economic theory and empirical evidence show that the distribution of income and wealth play a significant role in answering these questions.

The papers in this volume are concerned with three major topics: 1. the philosophical background of actual analysis and the examination of some basic thoughts about the role of distributions, 2. recent empirical findings consider old and new distributional facts and trends as well as the "new poverty" debate, 3. some papers present theories linking income distribution and growth whereas some analyse related issues.

A comprehensive introduction surveys recent developments in the theory of income distribution and integrates the different papers into the actual debate. Additionally, emphasis is put on the empirical and political relevance as well as reliability of recent investigations.

Contents: F. Haslinger/O. Stönner-Venkatarama: The Theory of Income Distribution. - Th. Ziesemer: Dissent on Convergence. The Role of Public Factors, International Trade and Path Dependence - E Hein/H. Krämer: Different Regimes of Income Distribution and Capital Accumulation. Significance and recent Developments - A.H.G.M. Spithoven: Human Capital as a Determinant of Economic Growth - Y.S. Brenner: Economic Growth, Stability and Equity. The Role of Income Distribution - F. Campano, D. Salvatore: Two-Sector Model, Two-Goods Model of Growth and Migration and the Gini Coefficient - Th. Wagner: Capital Labor - Nancy Brenner: The Devaluation of the Concept of Truth - U. Blien, A. Mederer: Regional Determinants of Gender Specific Wages. - P. de Gijsel, R. Olthoff: Local Wage Bargaining, Efficiency Wages, and the Wage Gap - Ch. Clemens, S. Soretz: Risk Sharing and Factor Incomes in a Stochastic Growth Model - O. Winkelhake, J. John: The Discussion of Redistribution Effects of German Health Care Reforms - Vlasblom, de Gijsel, J.J. Siegers: Income Distribution, Labour Supply and Wages of Married and Cohabiting Women in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands - R. Studart: Financial Policies, Growth and Distribution. Theory and Lessons from Latin America and some Asian economies - J. Muysken, Th. Zwick: Insider Power Breeds Human Capitalists - Ch. Schulter: On Income Distribution and Inequality in Germany - O. Stönner-Venkatarama: On Endogenous Growth, Heterogeneity, Physical, and Human Capital.

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