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European Relational Societies – Best Practice for Civil Society Cooperation

"Transcultural Management Series"  · Band 8

196 Seiten ·  22,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-7316-1448-7 (October 22, 2021) )


What are the practical opportunities and limitations of European civil society cooperation? Which social, economic, cultural and political effects of such cooperation can result? What contributions can civil society make if we understand it as part of a complex network of transcultural relations for dealing with current and future issues?

This book reflects on the development paths and potentials of civil society cooperation in Europe by applying a relational approach. Based on the conceptual works of Josef Wieland and Rupert Graf Strachwitz, it presents the results of a transcultural research group with participants from five European countries, who worked in international teams on different sub-projects and examined the common research interest from various disciplinary and cultural angles. Accordingly, the case studies range from civil society cooperation to establish a truth and reconciliation commission in the Western Balkans, the Black Lives Matter movement and social change in Germany, empowerment of civil society through EU cultural projects, transsectoral data collaboration for the common good and the relationship between NGOs and banks to the role of civil society in tackling group-based misanthropy. This publication combines conceptual approaches with empirical analyses, and thereby seeks to contribute to the debate on the role of civil society cooperation for facing current European challenges and for proactively harnessing the inherent potentials of civil society engagement in Europe.

Part I - Conceptual Introduction

Josef Wieland
Europe - A Network of Transcultural Relations

Rupert Graf Strachwitz
European Civil Society as a Common Ground

Part II - Case Studies

Laura Alviz and Eliis Irv
Dealing with the Past in Former Yugoslavia - A Civil Society Effort to Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the Western Balkans. A Comparative Study between Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro

Michelle Sun, Marta Lázaro-Soler and Miguel Neiva
European Citizens: Empowering European Civil Society Through Culture?

Nina Hoff
Relational Transaction between NGOs and Banks - A Case Study on the Practical Application of the Theory of Relational Economics

Pia Olivia Börner and Caroline Klyk
Shared Value Creation Through Uncommon Alliances - Trans-Sectoral Data Collaborations for the Common Good. COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Building Trans-Sectoral Digital Collaborations within the European Union

Cara Thielen, Vincent Steindl and Lukas Schmitzer
The Role of Civil Society in Tackling Institutionalised Group-Based Misanthropy within the Police in Germany and Austria

Iulia Moaca
How Can Social Movements Contribute to Societal Change? Using the Example of the Black Lives Movement and its Stakeholders in Germany

the editors
Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland
Josef Wieland is professor of institutional economics, organizational governance, integrity management and transcultural leadership at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and director of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin (LEIZ). [weitere Titel]
Jessica Geraldo Schwengber
Jessica Geraldo Schwengber is Project Manager of the Transcultural Caravan at Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin, a research fellow and PhD student at the chair of Institutional Economics at Zeppelin University. She graduated in Economics and Management from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Her research focuses on organisational learning processes for fostering transcultural cooperation. [weitere Titel]
Prof. Dr. Julika Baumann Montecinos
Julika Baumann Montecinos is Professor of Intercultural Management at the Business School of Furtwangen University, Germany. She is part of the research group on Transcultural Competence and member of the steering team of the Transcultural Caravan at Zeppelin University's Leadership Excellence Institute. [weitere Titel]
Dr. Rupert Graf Strachwitz
Rupert Graf Strachwitz is the director of the Maecenata Institute for Philanthropy and Civil Society in Berlin, Germany, an independent research and policy centre with a strong international focus. A political scientist and historian, he has spent his professional life in and with civil society, and teaches and has published widely on these subjects. [weitere Titel]
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