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How does the HDI Create Value in a Social Enterprise through Inclusive Female Leadership?
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How does the HDI Create Value in a Social Enterprise through Inclusive Female Leadership?

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(08. Januar 2020)

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The purpose of this research is to explore the framework of female leadership in a rural area that has not yet been researched within Uganda. In this article a qualitative analysis of female leadership is conducted by examining the Ugandan Hope Development Initiative. Based on expert interviews, current characteristics of female leadership are analyzed and classified as well as contextualized with the relevant theoretical frameworks. The analysis shows the positive impact of the HDI in the socio-economic life of its female members. The results of this study are important insofar as they shed light on the basic structure of precisely those factors described above in a region that has thus far been insufficiently scientifically researched. This can lead to a better understanding of the subject of female leadership in rural East-African context.

zitierfähiger Aufsatz aus ...
Transculturality and Community
Josef Wieland, Dominik Fischer (eds.):
Transculturality and Community
the author
Asha Olol

holds a master’s degree in General Management from Zeppelin University. During her studies, Asha pursued a business start-up and showed part-time commitment as a translator for the Somali language, in order to facilitate exchanges between German authorities and Somalian refugees. She is interested in the topics of business and social participation in a transcultural context. Recently, Asha started her professional career as a project manager at an internationally active and Bavaria-based high-end manufacturer.