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Aleksandra Kozerska et al.

Legal Framework and Challenges of the Belt Road Initiative in Poland and Germany with a Focus on International Trade Law

Annika Dinh

Transcultural Management

Paulina Kintzinger & Florian Horky

Dynamics and Developments of Chinese M&A Transactions in the Wake of the BRI

Patryk Szczotka

Paradiplomacy with Chinese Characteristics

Julian Caletti

Trust and Understanding

Matthias Niedenführ

The Belt and Road Initiative – A Globalization with Chinese Characteristics?

Moon-Ho Rhee

Die neue Industriepolitik in Südkorea

Martin Pohl

Japans Industriepolitik als Wegbereiter zu einer Gesellschaft der Zukunft: ‚Society 5.0‘

Margot Schüller

Chinas neue Industriepolitik: Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit im Fokus

Jörg Raupach-Sumiya

Applying Regional Value-Added Analysis of Renewable Energy to Policy Formation on Municipality Level

Ibrahim Ötztürk

The Case of Middle-Income Trap in China and its Institutional Links to the Belt and Road Initiative

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath

Japan on the Way Towards Post-Capitalism?

Rüdiger Frank

Challenging the Korean Fear of High Costs

Karen A. Shire

Employment Transformations, Social Inequalities and Identification with the Middle Class in 21st Century Japan

Markus Heckel and Franz Waldenberger

Deflation – Japan’s Endless Battle

Roger Greatrex

Recent Issues in Trademark Adjudication in Japanese Courts

Sunkung Choi

Economic Diplomacy and Influence on Stock Market Expectation

Friederike Bosse

160 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and Japan

Seán Golden

70 Years of the Peoples Republic of China

Thomas Heberer

Decoding the Chinese Puzzle