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Learning from Start-ups – The Example of NaaviQ in Ghana
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Learning from Start-ups – The Example of NaaviQ in Ghana

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( February 20, 2019 )

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As an essential agent of job creation, start-ups develop disruptive and keen innovative services and products. In emerging countries, start-ups face resource-trap difficulties to expand their business models further. However, they can defy the business principles of well-established companies. There are higher expectations and demands for achieving the Sustainable Development Goal concerning the provision of affordable and safe drinking water. Due to these objectives, research that promotes motivated female start-ups in a challenging environment is a noble purpose for female empowerment and also serves as a learning process for job creation in emerging countries. Still, it is imperative to understand the decision-making process of the start-up entrepreneurs that drive the economies of Sub-Saharan African countries. This chapter aims to provide general, but practical, ideas on female start-ups or entrepreneurs and create awareness among young entrepreneurs and investors about their entrepreneurial journey using the social entrepreneurial concept. By doing so, we highlight how female entrepreneurs have succeeded, in a male-dominated contemporary Sub-Saharan African business environment such as Ghana, to offer water solutions to social problems as a contribution to the achievement of the SDGs.

zitierfähiger Aufsatz aus ...
Sub-Saharan Perspectives on Transcultural Leadership
Josef Wieland, Julika Baumann Montecinos (eds.):
Sub-Saharan Perspectives on Transcultural Leadership
the authors
Victoria Naashika Quaye
Victoria Naashika Quaye

is an expert on water management in Africa and the founder and CEO of Naaviq Company Limited. With her company, she offers affordable solutions for the provision of clean water and consulting for independent water management in communities in Ghana.

Dr. des Michael Kusi Appiah
Michael Kusi Appiah

is a former researcher at the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics in Wittenberg, Germany and a Ph.D. graduate from the Chair of Institutional Economics at Zeppelin University, Germany. His research focuses on development economics, business processes, leadership ethics, and environmental sustainability.