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Monday, June 18, 2018
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More monetary competition

A reformist concept for a new European monetary union

"Edition Europolis - Schriften zur europäischen Wirtschaftspolitik und zum europäischen Wirtschafsrecht"  · volume 3

2010 · 40 pages ·  9.80 EUR (incl. VAT and Free shipping)
ISBN 978-3-7316-1296-4 (December 2010 )

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The discussion on the future of the Euro is stalled. Unconditional supporters of the Euro and unconditional opponents of the Euro are irreconcilably opposed to each other. The political taboo, as imposed by the most diverse protagonists in hitherto unsuccessful attempts to rescue the Euro, of giving no consideration at all to a consensual or onesided reorganisation of the European monetary union has since been broken. Meanwhile, the progress which is urgently needed can only be achieved if proposals for a way out of the current crisis are on the table. One such proposal which is particularly suited to overcoming the paralysis of the European institutions is included int he book.

the author
Prof. Dr. Markus Kerber
Markus Kerber Professor für Öffentliche Finanzwissenschaft und Wirtschaftspolitik am Institut Volkswirtschaft & Wirtschaftsrecht der Technischen Universität Berlin. [more titles]
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