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Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil

"Transcultural Management Series"  · Band 7

372 Seiten ·  34,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-7316-1447-0 (December 09, 2020) )


How can relational leadership contribute to effective cooperation in global and local networks? What can be learned from concrete application examples about the success factors of leadership in complex realities? Against the background of these questions, this book presents the results of a Transcultural Student Research Group from 2019 as a project of the Transcultural Caravan that involved more than 30 young researchers from Brazil and Germany working together on the topic of Relational Leadership and its applications to Brazilian contexts. Based on case studies of cooperation partners from the fields of business, social entrepreneurship, higher education and civil society, located in different regions of Brazil, the participants carried out field research on site in four Brazilian-German sub-groups and analysed the common overall theme from multiple perspectives. It is this transcultural format and the diversity of disciplines and backgrounds within the group that provide a multi-faceted, comprehensive picture of the success factors of relational leadership in Brazil and that distinguish this project and the results collected in this book.

Particularly important in this respect is the fact that the concrete cooperation experience of the researchers involved in the project enables them to develop precisely those competencies that are described in the literature on Relational Leadership as being crucial to productive cooperation across geographical and cultural borders. Juxtaposed with insights for the further elaboration of the concept of relational leadership and for its empirical application, this book therefore also attempts to provide insights into innovative academic methods for preparing future leaders to work in complex, heterogeneous and dynamic global environments.

Julika Baumann Montecinos and Jessica Geraldo Schwengber
Introduction: Some Notes on a Relational Approach to Transcultural Leadership Competences

Part I - The Relations Between Future Leaders and Traditional Communities: Learnings from the Centre for Sustainability Studies' Programme

Ana Carolina Aguiar and Julika Baumann Montecinos
Tapajós: A Transcultural Expedition. Introduction to the case Study

Antonia Reckhenrich, Marcella Marson Pereira and Sofia de Freitas Santiago Vieira
Relational Leadership Education: Teaching Relational Competences Along the Concept of Theory U

Ella Sophie Weber and Emmanuel Kolling dos Santos
Does a University Field Trip Affect the State of Individual Resources that are Crucial for the Success of Cooperation?

Enkeloeda Eickhoff, Maya Shimabukuro Kusakawa and Ana Luiza Soares
How Can We Educate Future Leaders Via Cultural Exchange Within Brazil?

Oskar Burmann, Pedro Luis Carvalho and Thais Moraes
Social Innovation at the Amazon

Lukas Törner and Pedro Santanna Pinheiro
Moral Goods in the Brazilian Amazon: The Governance of Preservation Costs

Part II - The Relations Between Social Start-ups and their Stakeholders: Learnings from Insolar

Henrique Drumond
Insolar: Introduction tothe Case Study

Thilo von Gilsa
Transcultural Leadership in Practice: Learnings from Insolar

Caio Oliveira, Isabela Borges and Ruth Espinola Soriano de Mello
Santa Marta: the Richness of a Rio de Janeiro Slum in Welcoming a Social Business

Yasemin Efiloglu
The Role of Communication in Stakeholder Oriented Decision-making in the Leadership of a Social Business: Learnings from Insolar

Jakob Hoffmann
Cooperation Rents Through Transaction Communities of Practice: Towards the Nature of the Social Firm. Inspired by Insolar

Leonhard von Zumbusch
Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue as a Platform for Deliberative Urban Planning

Ben Lennard Kleihues
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. The Example of Insolar in Rio de Janeiro

Part III - A Diverse Network of Relations as Driver of Innovation: Learnings from SAP

Barbara Bertolini and Lennart Brand
SAP Labs Latin America and Zeppelin University: Introduction to the Case Study

Jessica Geraldo Schwengber and Brenda Beretta Kindlein
Building Bridges not Silos: Organisational Learning Processes and the Role of a Shared Lingua Franca as an a Priori Requirement for Transcultural Cooperation

Samuel Kiefer and Vinicius Gabriel Descovi do Prado
Leveraging Inter-Company Cooperation Through Blockchain Technology. Insights from SAP Labs Latin America

Josef Sühr and Raquel Ramos
Towards Ensuring Equitable Access to Education - Insights into Governing Intersectoral Cooperation in Brazil

Wanja Woock and Isadora Perazzo
Relational Leadership in CSR Management. The Example of SAP Labs Latin America

Part IV - The Relations between Politics and Society: Learnings from the Operation Car Wash

Vinicius Cardoso Reis and Guilherme France
Operation Car Wash and the Fight Against Corruption in Brazil

Daniela Gangl, Isabel Jandeisek and Carlota Memba Aguado
The Relations Between Business & Society: Learnings from Operation Car Wash. Results from an Empirical Case Study in Brazil

the editors
Prof. Dr. Julika Baumann Montecinos
Julika Baumann Montecinos is Professor of Intercultural Management at the Business School of Furtwangen University, Germany. She is part of the research group on Transcultural Competence and member of the steering team of the Transcultural Caravan at Zeppelin University's Leadership Excellence Institute. [weitere Titel]
Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland
Josef Wieland is professor of institutional economics, organizational governance, integrity management and transcultural leadership at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and director of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin (LEIZ). [weitere Titel]
Jessica Geraldo Schwengber
Jessica Geraldo Schwengber is Project Manager of the Transcultural Caravan at Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin, a research fellow and PhD student at the chair of Institutional Economics at Zeppelin University. She graduated in Economics and Management from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Her research focuses on organisational learning processes for fostering transcultural cooperation. [weitere Titel]
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