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Julika Baumann Montecinos et al.

Transcultural Education – The Transcultural Caravan as a Relational Learning Journey

Jessica Geraldo Schwengber et al.

Building Bridges not Silos: Organisational Learning Processes and the Role of a Shared Lingua Franca as an a Priori Requirement for Transcultural Cooperation

Yasemin Efiloglu

The Role of Communication in Stakeholder Oriented Decisionmaking in the Leadership of a Social Business: Learnings from Insolar

Caio Oliveira et al.

Santa Marta: the Richness of a Rio de Janeiro Slum in Welcoming a Social Business

Thilo von Gilsa

Transcultural Leadership in Practice: Learnings from Insolar

Oskar Burmann et al.

Social Innovation at the Amazon

Enkeloeda Eickhoff et al.

How Can We Educate Future Leaders Via Cultural Exchange Within Brazil?

Ella Sophie Weber et al.

Does a University Field Trip Affect the State of Individual Resources that are Crucial for the Success of Cooperation?

Antonia Reckhenrich et al.

Relational Leadership Education: Teaching Relational Competences Along the Concept of Theory U

Ana Carolina Aguiar et al.

Tapajós: A Transcultural Expedition. Introduction to the case Study

Julika Baumann Montecinos et al.

Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil

Henrique Drumond

Social Start-ups and Urban Development

Flávia Souza Rocha

SDSN Brazil: The Challenge of a Living Network Focusing on Sustainable Cities

Martin Kunze

Brazil: The Melting of a Melting Pot from a Historical and Personal Perspective

Martin Teigeler

Transcultural Leadership and Innovation Management in Practice in Brazil

Rolf-Dieter Acker

What Makes a Successful Leader in the Brazilian-German Context?

Peter Gerstmann and Ricardo Borges dos Santos

Transcultural Cooperation – The Example of Zeppelin

Ana Carolina Aguiar et al.

Leadership Education for Sustainability

Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda

Responsible Leadership in Brazil

Josef Wieland

Transculturalism and Innovation in Global Business Networks