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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Consumer Choice through the lens of Rational, Behavioral, and Sustainable Economics
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Consumer Choice through the lens of Rational, Behavioral, and Sustainable Economics

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(November 2016)

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This paper will provide an overview with respect to how Rational, Behavioral, and Sustainable Economics each attempt to explain consumer choice. The paper compares and contrasts the three theories relative to the observed consumption behavior for electricity and provides a summary finding. Ultimately, the paper concludes that the characterization of economic agent behavior as provided in Sustainable Economics is more consistent with observable phenomena. As a result, the paper promotes the use of Sustainable Economics as the more robust tool for the evaluation and iterative attainment of a cultural shift to a pervasive cultural paradigm of sustainability.

quotable essay from ...
Jahrbuch Nachhaltige Ökonomie 2016/2017
Hans-Christoph Binswanger, Felix Ekardt, Anja Grothe, Wolf-Dieter Hasenclever, Ingomar Hauchler, Martin Jänicke, Karl Kollmann, Nina V. Michaelis, Hans G. Nutzinger, Holger Rogall, Gerhard Scherhorn (Hg.):
Jahrbuch Nachhaltige Ökonomie 2016/2017
the authors
PhD Madhavi Venkatesan
Madhavi Venkatesan

Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Bridgewater State University. Her present academic interests are specific to the integration of sustainability into the economics curriculum and she is currently pursuing scholarly interests in sustainable development. Madhavi started her financial services career after completing her post-doctoral fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis

Katharina Gapp
Katharina Gapp

war lange im Projektmanagement für einen Handelskonzern tätig. Heute konzentriert sie sich auf Ihre wissenschaftliche Tätigkeit und ist Lehrbeauftragte an der HWR Berlin sowie an anderen Hochschulen. An der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht unterrichtet Sie unter anderem das Fach Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften und ist seit 2013 Studiengangskoordinatorin für den Masterstudiengang Nachhaltigkeits- und Qualitätsmanagement

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