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Issues in Tranformation Theory

"Arbeitskreis politische Ökonomie"

Publikation des Arbeitskreises Politische Ökonomie

200 Seiten ·  19,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-89518-129-0 (August 1997 )

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This volume offers an instructive introduction into the diversity and complexity of issues in transformation theory. The contrast to many more streamlines and standard approaches reflects the intentions of the editors in bringing about this book. They hope to add some fresh and different accents to the academic and political discussion to transformation issues which by now involves so many actors operating in different parts of the world and in different institutions that have become involved with transformation problems.

Jürgen Backhaus: The Economics and Politics of an Orderly Transition. When Institutions become Variables and Outcomes become Givens - Daniel Daianu: An Economic Explanation of Strain. Explaining Shocks in Post-Command Economies - Bernd Hayo: How do People in Eastern Europe perceive their Economic Situation? - Iris Bohnet: Comment on Bernd Hayo - Stephan M. Panther: Latin Center, Orthodox Periphery? On the Potential Relevance of an Old Cultural Divide for the Transformation Process - Desa Mlikotin Tomic: Comment on Stephan M. Panther - Joaquim Ramos Silva: Five Years of Reforms' Implementation in the Eastern Countries - M.L. Truu: On Institutions

the editors
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Backhaus Lic. jur.
Jürgen Backhaus Lic. jur. Krupp-Stiftungsprofessur für Finanzwissenschaft und Finanzsoziologie an der Universität Erfurt. [weitere Titel]
Prof. Dr. Günter Krause
Günter Krause Leibnitz-Sozietät, Humbold-Universität Berlin. [weitere Titel]
dem Verlag bekannte Rezensionen
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 12.01.1998
  • Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft 4/1997, S. 1392
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Informationsdienste, Dez. 1997
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