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Bedingungen ökonomischer Entwicklung in Zentralosteuropa / Conditions of Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe

Volume 5: Economic Policy and Development Strategies in Central and Eastern Europe

272 Seiten ·  19,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-89518-076-7 (Mai 1996 )

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The basic question treated by the articles in this book is under which conditions the post-socialist economies can successfully integrate themselves into the world market and avoid peripherisation as a result of their economic reforms.

The volume deals very concretly with the imperatives that follow for the Visegrad countries, which are a common external trade policy in central and eastern Europe and a postponement of EU membership. The change of ownership of state-owned enterprises, though, is not as important as is usually assumed for improving the firms' efficiency. Instead, providing for the emergence of capital markets should be a priority with respect of resolving the bad asset problem as precondition for structural change.

The volume also investigates new perspectives for post-socialist economies. The articles focus particularly on issues of institutional change. The perspective of the authors is in accordance with a widespread critique of the shortcomings and deficiencies which have resulted from early strategies of imitating western institutions. The authors analyse rules for decision-making within the firm, institutions of social policy, institutional requirements of trade and economic integration, and the role of financial institutions in stabilising the economy and promoting investment.

I. Imperatives for Economic Policy: Monetary Policy and Trade Policy for Stabilisation and Development - Privatisation and Structural Change II. Political Economy of Transition: Beyond Capitalism and State Socialism - Democratic Social Policy in Economies of Central and Eastern Europe after the Market Shock III. Economic Development and Integration into the World Market: Integration and Homogeneity in the Transition Economies - Transformational Development, the Problem of Inflation and Financial Structure

the editor
Dr. Jens Hölscher
Jens Hölscher Reader in Economics at the Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, United Kingdom. [weitere Titel]
dem Verlag bekannte Rezensionen
  • Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, 3/1996, S. 811
  • Economic Systems, Dezember 1997, S. 397-400
  • Politische Vierteljahrsschrift 2/1998, S. 379-382
  • Business Library Review International, Sept. 1999
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