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Bedingungen ökonomischer Entwicklung in Zentralosteuropa / Conditions of Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe

Volume 3: Field Studies on Transition

415 Seiten ·  22,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-926570-65-9 (April 1995 )

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The areas of interest in volume three are the constitution of a monetary economy, privatisation, and structural change. All three areas pay special attention to the international dimension. Whereas most studies focus on one country only, all respond to a common set of questions, which is given in the annex. Thus, comparability was to be assured. The field studies are open to economic theory. Facing the problem of typical contemporary economics to treat "reality" once again the concept of "stylized facts" is used to draw a picture of transition in Central and Eastern Europe. There is no econometrics.

The field studies give a broad and systematic view of the complex phenomenon of transition in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, they also point to the major tasks to be performed by future economic policy. Some authors are members of staff of the central banks or, as Polanski, consultant to it.

I. Monetary Policy and Financial Systems: Milan Guba, Michaela Skolková: Transformation and the Development of Monetary Policy in the Czech Republic - Åkos Balassa: Transformation and the Situation of the Hungarian
Banking System - Zbigniew Polanski: Building a Monetary Economy in Poland
II. Privatisation: Marian Guzek: Privatization in Poland - Tamás Mellár: Privatization in Hungary - Brigita Schmögnerová: Privatization in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
III. International Trade and Structural Change: Jana Sereghyová: Trade Policy in Central and Eastern Europe - B. Schmögnerová, K. Mikusová, J. Kosta and L. Marciciaková: Structural Change in the Slovak Republic - Ådám Török: Structural Change, Structural Policy and Employment in Hungary

the editor
Dr. Jens Hölscher
Jens Hölscher Reader in Economics at the Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, United Kingdom. [weitere Titel]
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