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Sustainability, natural capital and nature conservation

"Beiträge zur Theorie und Praxis starker Nachhaltigkeit"  · Band 3

220 Seiten ·  24,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-89518-758-2 (Oktober 2009 )

This volume contains presented papers from a workshop on sustainability in the context of nature conservation economics organized at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the Island of Vilm in October 2007. The papers are divided into four parts: weak vs. strong sustainability and risk assessment, natural capital, scope and boundaries of economic valuation of nature's goods and services, and practical examples of nature conservation economics. The book gives an overview on the current debate in the sphere of nature conservation economics and sustainability.

  • Ralf Döring
    Sustainability, natural capital and nature conservation - Introduction
  • Werner Hediger
    The Conceptual Strength of Weak Sustainability
  • Konrad Ott
    On Substantiating the Conception of Strong Sustainability
  • Silke Gabbert and Hans-Peter Weikard
    Precaution, essential resources and basic individual rights: the case of the European chemicals policy
  • Paul Ekins
    The Practical Application of the Concept of Critical Natural Capital and Strong Sustainability
  • Ralf Döring
    Natural Capital - What's the difference?
  • Jürgen Meyerhoff and Alexandra Dehnhardt
    On the "non” use of environmental valuation estimates
  • John Gowdy
    The Stern Review and New Directions in Environmental Valuation
  • Jack Ruitenbeek
    Environmental Economic Valuation in a Second Best World: Pursuing Sustainability during the Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations in British Columbia, Canada
  • Burkhard Schweppe-Kraft
    Natural Capital in Germany - State and Valuation; with special reference to Biodiversity

the editor
Dr. Ralf Döring
Ralf Döring Studied Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of Kassel and has a PhD in economics from the University of Greifswald. He worked there as assistant lecturer at the Department of Landscape Economics till April 2009 and now leads the fisheries economics unit at the Institute for Sea Fisheries in Hamburg. His main interests are fisheries economics, sustainability theory and concepts of natural capital. [weitere Titel]
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