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The Competitiveness of the Turkish Economy in Changed Competition Priorities of a Knowledge Based Economy
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The Competitiveness of the Turkish Economy in Changed Competition Priorities of a Knowledge Based Economy

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(29. April 2013)

Ich bin mit den AGB, insbesondere Punkt 10 (ausschließlich private Nutzung, keine Weitergabe an Dritte), einverstanden und erkenne an, dass meine Bestellung nicht widerrufen werden kann.


As Drucker discusses, technology is about human thinking related to the nature. The accumulation of human knowledge related to the nature shifts to new levels as a paradigm change. Accumulation of scientific knowledge in 20th century has restructured the civilisation with a new technological shift in the last quarter of the century. Thus, countries have entered a structuration process from an industrial society to a knowledge based society and economy. However, Turkey has not been able to take the regarding steps towards a knowledge society. Turkey has comparative advantages such as its geographical location, current factor supplies, stability policies implemented after 2001, and structural changes in financial organisations. Today, Turkey’s high growth rate that is sustained and partial success in emerging markets are both due to Turkey’s comparative and static advantages discussed above.

For Turkey to be successful in the global competition, restructuration towards knowledge society, establishment of R&D facilities, innovativeness, competitiveness, and a dynamic society restructuring through social networks are essential. It is also required for the decision making units that they develop a collaborative working approach. Building structures which constitute competitive and constructed advantages such as innovative clusters and expert techno-parks, and bringing up the specialist staff are also essential for Turkey’s transformation to knowledge society. By this way, knowledge and innovation based competition process is sustained. Policies prepared for this purpose are required to be determined, coherent, and adequate, only then Turkey can succeed, and catch up to become a knowledge society as in the cases of Korea, Israel, or Finland.

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