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The Future of the Baltic Sea

Ecology, Economics, Administration, and Teaching

"Ökologie und Wirtschaftsforschung"  · Band 10

302 Seiten ·  29,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-926570-96-3 (September 1995 )

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The Baltic Sea is - due to the low water level, the low water exchange with the North Atlantic and the large surrounding area in relation to its expanse - strongly ecologically endangered. Since the beginning of the 1970ies there has been an intensif cooperation of the states bordering the Baltic Sea on a scientific and political level in order to protect the Baltic sea. This book documents the latest results of this cooperation.

J. Köhn: The Future of the Baltic - Tuning in to the Topic - S. Schulz, D. Nehring: Causes and Effects of Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea - L. Zmudzinski: Ecological Changes in the Gulf of Gdansk and some Protection Measures - P. Oertl, H.D. Birr: The Dynamics of Baltic Water Inflow into the Boddens of Rugia - R. Heerkloss, W. Schnese: Long Term Montoring of Zooplankton in the Bodden Waters south of Darss-Zingst - U. Schiewer: Inner Coastal Waters of the Baltic Sea - Ecological Status and Links between Ecology and Economic Uses - K.M. Poulsen: Environmental Management and Impact of the Construction of the Great Belt Crossing - A. Jansson: Ecological Economics - A New Approach to the Study and Management of the Baltic Region - H.-G. Nutzinger: Eco-taxes - K. Holm-Müller: Economic Instruments in Water Management - Economic Restructuring in Eastern Europe as a Chance for a Broader Application - B. Klemmensen: Environment and Market - Towards Sustainability on Contract? - A. Lundgren, L.-G. Mattsson: Industrial Change and Ecological Consequences in the Transition Process of the Eastern Economies - B. Kjaegård: Aspects of Municipal Waste Management in Poland - B.K. Mazurkiewicz: Storage of Wastes in the Baltic Sea - A. Piegat, W. Begler, A. Tujaka, U. Badrow: Problems and Technical Approaches to Controlling Water Pollution Accidents in the Baltic Sea Area - M. Höfken, F. Bischof, F. Durst: Energy Savings in the Biological Treatment of Sewage - B.I. Dybern: International Co-operation in the Field of Marine Sciences - E.-L. Poutanen, T. Melvasalo: The Helsinki Commission and its ad hoc High Level Task Force - G. Leymann: State of Waste Water Treatment in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Future Activities - D. Beschorner: The Lack of Integrated Ecological and Business (Management) Studies in Academic Education - Ulrich Kattmann: Ethical Questions of Education in Environmental Protection at School and during Teacher Training - E.V. Krasnov: Integrated Ecological and Business Management Studies at Higher Education Institutions in the Kaliningrad Area - F. Horn: The Ability of Student Biology Teachers to Think and Act in an Economic Context during Training in Didactics - V.V. Ionov, A.G. Popov, O.P. Savchuk: Ecosystem Modifications of the Fish Banks LTD Gaming-Simulation - R. Hamari: Schools for the Baltic Sea.

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