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The future of knowledge-intensive service work

Theory and practice of managing human and organizational resources

348 Seiten ·  38,00 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-89518-822-0 (September 2011 )


This book presents the current state of research in the field of management consulting with special focus on the topics ambiguity, ignorance, error culture, work-life balance and diversity. The book is based upon the symposium "The future of knowledge intensive service work: Theory and practice of managing human and organizational resources” (June 17-18, 2010 at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany) and the research project "Innovative Concepts of Personnel and Organizational Development in Consultancies” (IPOB).

I. Foreword and Acknowledgement/Introduction

Preface and Acknowledgement

Michael Mohe, Jost Sieweke & Stephanie Birkner
Grown up by now? An investigation into twenty years of consulting research

II. Ambiguity, Ignorance and Error Cultures in Consulting Organisations - Findings from a Research Project

Stephanie Birkner & Jost Sieweke
Tolerance of ambiguity of service workers. An explorative case study comparing management and IT consultants

Daniel Dorniok & Michael Mohe
Aspects of the consultant-client relationship in the context of dealing with ignorance and the generation of innovations

Martin Stollfuß
Dealings with errors under conditions of competition among employees' - revealing social dynamics of consultancies' dealings with errors

Andreas Werr & Annika Schilling
Human resource practices in professional service firms: Some preliminary findings

III. Diversity in Consulting Organisations

Maria Rupprecht, Regina H. Mulder, Hans Gruber & Wilfried Neumann
Fostering innovative behaviour and dealing with diversity in consulting teams

Kirstin Birner, Hans Gruber & Regina H. Mulder
Development of intercultural competence in the context of consultancies

Loek FM Nieuwenhuis, Aimee Hoeve & Karin PJ Truijen
Conceptualisation of routines as carrier for innovation

Joseph Kessels, Suzanne Verdonschot & Tjip de Jong
Characteristics of learning environments which support knowledge productivity and which facilitate innovation

Alexander Thomas
Diversity management: possibilities and boundaries

IV. Work-life-Balance in Consulting Organisations

Stephan Kaiser, Cornelia U. Reindl, Martin L. Stolz & Max Ringlstetter
Managing work-life balance in consulting organisations: Issues and results

Bram Peper, Clartje ter Hoeven & Josje Dikkers
Work-life integration among consultants: Work-related and personal factors associated with sickness absence

Saija Mauno, Johanna Rantanen & Ulla Kinnunen
Work-family balance and its correlates among Finnish academic professionals: Profiling the experiences of work-family conflict and enrichment

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