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Understanding European Cross-Border Labour Markets

Issues in Economic Cross-Border Relations

233 Seiten ·  24,80 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-89518-253-2 (Oktober 1999 )

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After the creation of the political framework for the European Single Market, concrete cross-border economic cooperation is becoming more significant. In addition to financial and commodity markets, labour markets are also to a great degree affected by the European integration process. Despite the fact that fundamental preconditions for the realisation of cross-border labour markets have been secured through the freedoms of movement and of establishment, obstacles and barriers still exist which are especially felt at the regional level and continue to limit the potential for cross-border development.

This fact has led academics and practitioners to cooperate on this book with the intention of closing some of the gaps in research and showing some political approaches. The aim is to find possible answers to how perspectives and opportunities for employment and regional development can result from transnational cooperation and in particular from cross-border mobility for employees and enterprises. In this context it is also asked what role the exchange of knowledge and experiences in active labour market policy plays or can play for neighbouring countries and how improvements in cross-border cooperation can contribute to a fall in unemployment. This book is addressed to economists, social scientists and regional scientists as well as practitioners who are interested in the development cross-border labour market relations.


de Gijsel, Janssen, Wenzel, Woltering: Concepts and Issues in European Cross-Border Labour Economics: An Introduction
Mobility and Unemployment
Tassinopoulos: Migration of Labour in the European Union · Woltering: Migration and Labour Market Integration: The Case of Germany and the Netherlands
Developing Cross-Border Labour Markets
Fischer, Straubhaar: The Impact of Mobility on Regional Development - some Empirical Evidence for European Countries · van Houtum What is the Influence of Borders on Economic Internationalisation? · Janssen: Obstacles and Willingness for Cross-Border Mobility: the Dutch-German Border Regions · van der Velde: Searching for Jobs in a Border-Area - the Influence of Borders in a Dutch Euregion · Janssen: New Enterprises in Germany and the Netherlands: Mobility and Locational Choices of Highly Qualified Starters
Active Cross-Border Labour Market Policy
Marchand: The Value of Cross-Border Job Market Relations for European Integration and Coherence, and Possibilities for Co-Ordination in Border Region · Gijsel, Janssen, Wenzel, Woltering: Active Labour Market Policy: Lessons from the EGLA-Project.

the editor
Prof. Dr. Peter de Gijsel
Peter de Gijsel Universität Maastricht und Honorarprofessor an der Universität Osnabrück. [weitere Titel]
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