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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Taking up the Challenge!

Festschrift for Jürgen Backhaus

578 Seiten ·  78,00 EUR (inklusive MwSt. und Versand)
ISBN 978-3-7316-1145-5 (Juli 2015 )


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This commemorative publication was given to Jürgen Backhaus (JB) on July 10, 2015 marking the day of his final lecture in the Department of the Sciences of the State at Erfurt University. Since 2001, he has been a full professor at our university for Public Finance and Fiscal Sociological (Alfred Krupp von Bohlen- und Halbach-Foundation). After a stroke in September 2014, he was forced to retire ahead of time. Therefore, the set-up time for publishing this Festschrift was rather limited. The considerable amount of contributed articles bespeaks his appreciation and popularity among his colleagues and peers.

The contributions in this volume strikingly show the main points of JB's teaching and research activities. Some have a focus on the history of economic ideas (Baloglou, Brady, Chaloupek, Frambach, Hagemann, Montgomery, Reinert). Others deal with topics of finance and fiscal sociology (Costarella and Fedeli, Nentjes, Raudla, Schöbl, Tiedeman and Plassmann, Wagner), partly with up-to-date references (Bassen, Dietz, Ebner, Economou and Kyriazis, Forte and Mutascu, and Godert-van der Kroon). Two articles are concerned with the current university educational system (Schmidt, Drechsler), which JB foresightedly was very skeptical about. Two articles are aligned in a more econometrical and experimental way, namely the article by Michele, Francesco and Michela, and the one by Rötheli, a colleague from the Erfurt Department of the Sciences of the State.

Helge Peukert

Economic Theory and Public Finance

Elena Costarelli, Silvia Fedeli
Are budget norms relevant to the dynamics of Government fiscal indicators?. The case of Italy (1948-2014)

Caputo Michele, Forte Francesco, Mantovani Michela
An Evolutionary Model of Two Competing Species with a Memory Formalism, Applied to the Italian Movies Industries to Assess the Effects of the Policies for its Promotion

Andries Nentjes
An Essay in the Law and Economics of Cheating

Ringa Raudla
The Effects of Electoral Rules on Public Finances: Taking Stock

Tobias F. Rötheli
Sudden and Violent Changes in Long-Term Expectations: Keynes and Reality

Enrico Schöbel
Monitoring in der Finanzverwaltung. Auf dem Weg zu einer regelmäßigen Berichterstattung über die Steuerrechtsbefolgung in Deutschland

Nicolaus Tideman, Florenz Plassmann
Managing Water Use during Droughts of Unknown Duration

Richard E. Wagner
Collaboration vs. Imposition as Motifs for a Theory of Public Finance: Transcending the Goldscheid-Schumpeter Debate

Current Fiscal Sociological Questions

Franziska Bassen
Offshore Advance Price Arrangements: Gewinnverschiebung in Regulierungs- und Steueroasen am Beispiel Luxemburgs

Raimund Dietz
Die Unmöglichkeit des Sozialismus im Spiegel der Theorie

Alexander Ebner
Demokratie und Marktwirtschaft als Mechanismen der Konfliktprävention im post-sowjetischen Raum. Eine theoretische Skizze mit Blick auf die Ukraine und Moldau

Emmanouil-Marios L. Economou, Nicholas C. Kyriazis
Ancient Greek democratic federations: A Comparative study with the European Union

Francesco Forte, Mihai Mutascu
State fragility and fiscal decentralization in EU ex-communist countries

Annette Godart-van der Kroon
Consequences of the financial Crisis

Higher Education

Wolfgang Drechsler
Die Staatswissenschaften an der Universität Erfurt. Zu ihrer Gründung 1991-92 und zu Jürgen G. Backhaus' Beitrag dazu

Karl-Heinz Schmidt
Allgemeine Bildung oder "Fachausbildung" durch Universitäten? Mit Beispielen aus Deutschland und anderen Ländern

History of Economic Thought and Economic History

Christos P. Baloglou
An economic and social analysis of Apostle Paul's doctrines in the Epistle to Titus

Gordon L. Brady
Jürgen Backhaus and Gordon Tullock: Taking up the challenge and attacking the sacred cows

Günther Chaloupek
Economic theories of the role of the city in the development of capitalism

Hans Frambach
Outstanding personalities of German history - Reichsfreiherr vom Stein as a Utopian

Harald Hagemann
The German Economy and German Economics in Crisis during the Weimar Republic 1918-33

Gerrit Meijer
The Peace of Münster at the Background of the History of Thought

Michael R. Montgomery
John Stuart Mill's Utopian Constitutionalism

Erik S. Reinert
Daniel Raymond (1820): A US economist who inspired Friedrich List, with notes on other forerunners of List from the English-speaking periphery

Curriculum Vitae Jürgen Backhaus

the editor
Prof. Dr. Dr. Helge Peukert
Helge Peukert Masterstudiengang Plurale Ökonomik,Universität Siegen. Forschungsschwerpunkte: Finanzwissenschaft, Geld- und Finanzmärkte, Plurale und heterodoxe ökonomische Theoriebildung. [weitere Titel]
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