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Werner Sombart (1863-1941): Social Scientist

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ISBN 978-3-926570-52-9 (Juni 1996 )

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Werner Sombart is the undisputed pioneer of the modern subdiscipline of comparative economic systems. His Modern Capitalism sets out the preconditions for a modern workable capitalist system. Sombart was interested in the transition from pre-capitalism to high capitalism and late (i.e. regulated) capitalism. He could not have foreseen that his work would also hold the key to understanding the transition from planned to market economies.

Volume I - His Life and Work: JUERGEN BACKHAUS: Introduction - BERNHARD VOM BROCKE: Werner Sombart 1863-1941. Capitalism - Socialism. His Life, Works and Influence - FRANZ MUELLER: I Remember Sombart - JUERGEN BACKHAUS: Participants of Sombart's Seminar - WOLFGANG DRECHSLER: Werner Sombart After Fifty Years: What Makes His Work so Intriguing? - JUERGEN BACKHAUS AND JOHANNES M. HANEL: Sombart's Accomplishments for Modern Theory. Discussion - HARALD HAGEMANN: How Well has Werner Sombart's Work Stood up in the Applied Fields? Summary of the Discussion - LAWRENCE A. SCAFF: Sombart's Politics - FRITZ REHEIS: Return to the Grace of God. Werner Sombart's Compromise with National Socialism - ROLF RIESS: Werner Sombart under National Socialism - A first Approximation - HEINZ LUDWIG: Sombart and the Jews - HAROLD R.C. WRIGHT: Sombart and War - PERTTI TÖTTÖ: In Search of the U-turn. A Critique of Dieter Lindenlaub's Interpretation of Werner Sombart's Methodological Development - EBERHARD K. SEIFERT: Sombart's New Outline of Scope and Method of Economics. "'Methodologie' oder Verfahrenslehre der Neuen Nationalökonomie" Facing the Transition of the "Wirtschaftssystem" to Late-Capitalism Since World War I - BIRGER P. PRIDDAT: Werner Sombart's late Economic Thinking: Back to Physiocracy? - PETER KOSLOWSKI: Economic Ontology - Cultural Philosophy of the Economy - Business Ethics. Sombart as Proponent of a Philosophical Economics
Volume II - His Theoretical Approach Reconsidered: JÜRGEN BACKHAUS: Introduction - KARL-HEINZ SCHMIDT: Sombart on Population - DIETER SCHNEIDER: Sombart or Spirit and Accountability of Capitalism as "Enthusiastic Lyricism" - JACOB J. KRABBE: Nature and Technology as Economic Categories: Sombart in the Mainstream - JOHANNES M. HANEL: Technology and Sciences under Modern Capitalism - Sombart's Forgotten Question: How Can Scientists and Engineers be Free and Responsible for Nature and Culture if Innovation is Induced by the Economic System? - GÜNTHER CHALOUPEK: Long Term Economic Trends in the Light of Werner Sombart's Concept of "Spätkapitalismus" - HARALD HAGEMANN AND MICHAEL LANDESMANN: Sombart and Economic Dynamics - GÜNTHER CHALOUPEK: A Note on Harald Hagemann/Michael Landesmann, Sombart and Economic Dynamics - ZOLTAN KENESSEY: The Scope of Output and the Productive Sectors: German Contributions in the 19th Century - HORST K. BETZ: Werner Sombart's Theory of the City - FRIEDRICH LENGER: Marx, the Crafts, and the First Edition of Modern Capitalism - JÖRG GLOMBOWSKI: Werner Sombart's Why is there no Socialism in the United States? Revisited - MANFRED PRISCHING: The Entrepreneur and His Capitalist Spirit - Sombart's Psycho-Historical Model
Volume III - Then and Now: JÜRGEN BACKHAUS: Introduction - MARK E. BLUM: Breaks or Continuity in Sombart's Work: A Linguistic Analysis - HORST K. BETZ: Werner Sombart and German Romanticism - JUDITH MARCUS: Werner Sombart's Influence on German Literature: The Case of Thomas Mann - PETER R. SENN: Sombart's Reception in the English-Speaking World - "Je ne propose rien, je n'impose rien: j'expose. - WOLFGANG DRECHSLER: The Revisiting of Werner Sombart: Implications for German Sociological Thinking and for the German Debate about the Past - PETER R. SENN: Judgment in History: The Case of Werner Sombart - WARREN J. SAMUELS: The Conditional Impact of Werner Sombart and Others on Modern American Social Thought. A Comment on Peter Senn's Article "Judgment in History" - PETER R. SENN: A Bibliography of Works by and about Werner Sombart in English - PERTTI TÖTTÖ: Sombart's Bibliography in German - S. KANAMORI: Sombart's Bibliography in Japanese

the editors
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Backhaus Lic. jur.
Jürgen Backhaus Lic. jur. Krupp-Stiftungsprofessur für Finanzwissenschaft und Finanzsoziologie an der Universität Erfurt. [weitere Titel]
Prof. Dr. Werner Sombart
Werner Sombart (1863-1941). Nachdem mehrere Berufungen scheitern (Sombart gilt als Sozialist und Hoffungsträger der Sozialdemokratie) 1906 Berufung an die Handelhochschule Berlin, 1917 an die Berliner Universität. 1932 letzter Vorsitzender des Vereins für Sozialpolitik. In den 20er Jahren wandelt sich Sombart zum Anhänger der Konservativen Revolution, dann des Nationalsozialismus, gerät aber auch hier bald ins Abseits. [weitere Titel]
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