Naturbewertung » Umwelt – Metropolis-Verlag
Wilfried Kühling

Bewertungsdilemma Mobilfunk

Felix Ekardt

Ökonomische Bewertung – Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse – ökonomische Ethik

Joachim H. Spangenberg

Mehr wert als der Preis

Bernd Hansjürgens et al.

Was uns die Natur wert ist

Felix Ekardt et al.

Ökonomische Instrumente und Bewertungen der Biodiversität

Faroek Lazrak et al.

Cultural Heritage: Hedonic prices for non-market values

Wolfgang Buchholz und Jan Schumacher et al.

Die Wahl der Diskontrate bei der Bewertung von Kosten und Nutzen der Klimapolitik

Jürgen Meyerhoff and Peter Elsasser

A bibliography on stated preference studies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Ulrike Lehr

Bayesian Benefit Transfer

Ulf Liebe and Jürgen Meyerhoff

A Sociological Perspective on Stated Willingness to Pay

Christina Rüffer and Anke Fischer

Metric or ordinal measures of utility in environmental policy-making?

Nele Lienhoop

Participant behaviour and performance in Contingent Valuation

Sandra Rajmis and Jan Barkmann

Utilisation of Grounded Theory Methodology for the development of a Choice Experiment: Preliminary studies on the insurance value of biodiversity

Claudia Cerda et al.

WTP or WTA, or both? Experiences from two choice experiments for early planning stages

Kerstin Zander and Karin Holm-Müller

Valuing farm animal genetic resources by using a choice ranking method

Klaus Glenk

A split-sample experiment to test for effects of attribute order in choice experiments

David Bothe

In quest of appropriate scenarios: Contingent valuation of Icelandic hydropower

Peter Elsasser

The neglect of possible disutility as a bias source in the contingent valuation of public goods

Andrea M. Leiter

Estimating WTP with Discrete Choice Models

Jürgen Meyerhoff et al.

Stated Preference Methods for Environmental Valuation: Applications from Austria and Germany